Nobel Chang joins Nico Johnson on the SunCast podcast. They dive into Nobel's story and his journey through the solarcoaster.

Oct 13th, 2022

Nobel Chang was interviewed on the SunCast, a weekly podcast hosted by Nico Johnson about emerging technology in the clear energy revolution. 

On the podcast titled “Today Is The Most Important Thing — Not Tomorrow”, Nobel dives into his journey from real estate developer to solar entrepreneur. He shares how he capitalized on his learnings at Topco to start a development shop of his own in 2014 and, five years later, co-found Palladium Energy. Nobel also shares deeply personal stories that have shaped not only his career, but his worldview.

Listen to the podcast with the link below:

About Palladium Energy

Palladium Energy is committed to providing clean and sustainable energy across the country for a brighter future through the origination, development, and financing of renewable energy projects. The principals of Palladium Energy have an extensive track record of successfully developing, financing, constructing, and operating energy projects across markets (both in the U.S. and internationally) and technology types (solar, wind, gas, biomass).  Palladium Energy was formed in 2019 and is based in Jacksonville, FL. 

To learn more about Palladium Energy, visit or email [email protected].