Meet Garrett Weeks

Director, Development

Garrett leads Palladium’s project development activities and due diligence associated with the company’s M&A strategy.

  1. What excites you the most about your role at Palladium?

Being able to utilize my background and experience developing natural gas-fired generation and my atypical renewable energy philosophy (among renewable industry professionals) to address the concerns of local stakeholders and the arguments waged against the implementation of renewable energy resources.

  1. What do you see as the most significant tailwind in the renewables industry?

The technological advancement and increased deployment of energy storage systems to improve the reliability and dispatchability of renewable energy resources.

  1. What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the renewables industry and how do you think we can solve it?

Renewable energy is polarizing, and the loudest voices live on the fringe. The practical applications, real-world benefits, and economic advantages of integrating renewable energy into competitive power markets are often overlooked and ignored for more attention-grabbing, fringe perspectives. Deepening the divide will only inhibit the expansion and growth of renewable energy technologies. Clearly defined, commonsense energy policy, in my opinion, will garner broad based support and drive forward the integration of renewable energy technologies.

  1. What is your favorite quote?

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” – Ayn Rand

  1. What is a recent great read you’d like to share?

“Can’t Hurt Me”, an autobiography of David Goggins. Goggins is one of the most hard-charging, no-quit individuals on the planet, and a true inspiration. His perspective makes it really difficult to make excuses for not pursuing and achieving your personal goals. Reading his autobiography got me, someone who HATES to run, to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement.

  1. What is a secret talent or fun hobby you do outside of developing solar?

I really enjoy gardening and working on projects around the house – I find it both relaxing and gratifying. Last year my garden produced 6 watermelons over 40 pounds with the largest exceeding 62 pounds. Just recently, I built a rainwater collection system to collect and store rainwater to irrigate my fruit and vegetable garden.